Everything takes you somewhere new.

Fliccolors utilizes Flickgame by increpare to make a strange set of landscapes and stories, each discoverable through colors. When I first played around with the engine I thought that a color would always link to a specific frame. This isn't the case, but I decided to use that misconception to make a series of images that use all the colors except the one the player just clicked on.

For those lost:

  1. The Waterfall
  2. The Campfire
  3. The Mothbat Cavern
  4. The Dragon
  5. The Bird of Visions
  6. The Seals
  7. The Lost Harp and its Guardians
  8. The Moth Tunnel
  9. The Mushroom of Spades
  10. Underwater Hell
  11. Another Fantasy Realm
  12. Made of Multitudes
  13. Bonsai Island
  14. The Old Caduceus
  15. Flower Golf
  16. The Stone Thing

Fun fact: I cannot draw at all and made all the art using a mouse. Still, I do like how a lot of it turned out.

Created 2015 for More is Better Jam.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Made withFlickgame
Tagsenvironments, Experimental, flickgame, mouse-art, Mouse only
Average sessionA few minutes