A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Cat ears, Japanese clothing, and an infant's mobile dangling down from the moon... a cursed girl here to change your life.

Pepper is a strange girl, as most girls with cat ears who fall from the sky are. She's overly cheerful, curious, and somehow ruins everything around her simply by her presence. And unfortunately for you, you're the only one who can see her. A year after she first landed on Earth, she wants to celebrate the anniversary.

Way back in... 2012 I think, I completed my first little game for a competition on Lemmasoft! The challenge was to make a game using only a small number of assets provided for you by the competition's organizer, including art, music, and a short writing prompt about running into a creature called the Spirit of Disaster! My submission is called Anniversaries, Adversity, and Pepper, and is about deciding how you want to live your life with someone who makes you miserable. It won third place in the competition and got me my very own copy of Magical Diary, so that's something! It's a silly, melodramatic thing I made in a month with limited assets, and I'm still happy overall with how it turned out. I'm still proud of being one of the two entrants out of nearly 30 to bother to keep the weird mobile as part of the story. The game was later released as a standalone thing for TwinTurtle Games, an old visual novel group I was part of at the time.

Small content warnings: This game has the potential for both nonsensical romance and nonsensical murder attempts.

(Incidentally, this game is the source of the name Peppertsuki: The Spirit (and only named character) is named Pepper, and is associated with the moon! I would have just used the name Pepper Moon, but that was taken.)

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the executable for your OS:

Linux: AAP.sh
Macintosh: AAP.py
Windows: AAP.exe

To play, click anywhere on the game screen to progress dialogue, and click options when they appear to make a choice that affects the story.


Anniversaries_Adversity_and_Pepper-1.0-all.zip 37 MB